Autumn carp fishing tips from experts

1 Sep

With changing of the seasons from summer to autumn, here are some top autumn carp fishing tips from expert anglers, to help you catch fish like this in the weeks ahead.

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Commercial fisheries – best swims revealed!

27 Jul

COMMERCIAL fisheries are easy, right? Well, not always – and fish are not evenly spread. We’ll help you catch more with this quick guide.

Islands are another obvious hotspot, and presenting baits as close as possible will certainly produce plenty of bites. Islands are an excellent all-year-round feature.

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Summer fishing tips and insight sure to boost your catches

27 Jul

If you’re looking to improve your fishing catches over the summer weeks ahead, read on….

Low water stalking
When rivers are low and clear, fishing can be difficult, but it is still possible to catch and you can improve your chances in a number of ways.
Roving while keeping concealed and fishing for one fish at a time is one option, and this allows you to cover lots of ground and target fish that are not buried deep in cover, and have their guard down, relatively speaking.
The target fish are often not actively searching for food, but they are alert, and will opportunistically take relatively large food items if you can present them in a natural way.
This form of fishing can be very rewarding, but also very frustrating, because if the fish becomes aware of you, either by sight or through vibration, you will have lost your chance. If you do manage to get into position to present a suitable bait, for example a freelined slug or breadflake for chub, or a lobworm or piece of meat for barbel, takes can be instantaneous, followed by memorable and sometimes hairy close-range scraps.
The main rules of engagement are to keep low on the horizon, approach from downstream and present the bait as naturally as you can, and if you spook the fish, move on to another swim, but keep a mental note of the spot, as the fish will often be back in the same position when you return.

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