Compline II Shooting Line

10 Nov

A range of economical, flat, intermediate Monofilament Shooting Lines for use with Shooting Heads in both single hand and double hand fishing. The flat Compline II is a little lower in diameter than Compline on the thinnest side. A little more “rectangular” shape. It has the same amount of stretch as Compline and is a […]

News 2018 – Zip Wader & Support Belt

24 Oct

Here we bring you a new blog post with some of the upcoming 2018 Guideline products -the updated Experience Sonic TiZip Wader and the relief for sore backs, the Experience Support Belt. Experience Sonic TiZip Wader For season 2018 we have updated our Experience Sonic TiZip Wader so they now take advantage of “no stitch” Ultra […]

The Brown Fly

23 Oct

Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden. Some of you may remember the blogpost from May this year where Calle Lundqvist wrote about his ´Rule of thumb about flies´ and stated – The color of the flies are not so important as long as they are brown. The statement was illustrated with an […]

Guideline FAVO flyreel

12 Oct

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have given each reel slightly individual features to best suit it’s purpose of use and to make it match nicely with the rods it is suited for. Part of the design is unique and can only be […]

The river Tay Perthshire

19 Sep

By Cohn O’Dea – Guideline Ambassador & Head Ghillie Taymount, River Tay. The River Tay and its surroundings, often called The Heart of Scotland, are simply quite stunning during the autumn season.  For those fortunate enough to find themselves submerged within her hypnotic and seductive flows, surrounded by its abundance of breathtaking wildlife and outstanding […]

End of season – start of an adventure

11 Sep

By Kalle Grahn – Guideline Power Team Sweden End of season is the beginning of a new one – it all depends on the way you see things. But for all of us salmon and seatrout junkies its nevertheless a long long wait of dark winter, occasionally endured with flytying, maintenance, movies and talks. But there […]

Riffling hitch – The ace up the sleeve

31 Aug

Text and photos: Helge Dahlen

 – Guideline Power Team Norway. The fly stripes as soon as it hits the water. The current is strong, but the little tube fly with the thread in a hole in the middle of the body surfes well on the waves and makes a good wake. Just as the fly […]

Experience Pack System

18 Aug

Trout & Salmon Magazine in the UK had a first look at our Experience Pack System and it got the Recommends 2017 stamp. They write –  Three new Guideline Experience bags and packs can be used alone ot together and are a great way to organise your gear on the water. Check out all Bags […]

Guideline LPXe 9´ #5 – Trout & Salmon Overall Winner!

2 Jun

We are honored and proud to share the top comments with the amazing Sage X fly rod! Trout & Salmon Magazine writes; Both James and Don felt that the £799 Sage X was the best rod but that the £349.99 Guideline LPXe ran it close. Given the price difference, it would be hard not to […]

Fario LW fly reel vs. NZ brown trout

6 Feb

Images & word by Lewis Hendrie – Guideline Power Team UK.  I’ve not long been with Guideline but I honestly feel it’s one of the best moves I’ve made within my fly fishing career. The growth of the brand across Europe and the forward movement of the new  product range see an exciting future ahead […]