World carp record rises to 108 lb!

22 Oct

The World carp record has risen to 108 lb (49 kg) at Euro Aqua in Hungary, Angler’s Mail can reveal. The fish is seen here in a celebratory splash moment, before being returned to the venue.

World carp record captor Marc Weisner, from Vienna, Austria, was on his first trip to Euro Aqua, the incredible venue …Continue reading »

Hair rig advice for better carp fishing results

13 Oct

HAIR RIG adjustment can lead to more consistent success with carp, as explained here by Colin Davidson, a regular columnist in Angler’s Mail magazine.

5 – Because the Extenda stops are drawn neatly back into the hook bait, there are only a couple of very small prongs exposed. The longer stems of the medium and large stops that pull down the hole through the bait make it very difficult for crayfish to remove the stop and pinch your bait – a useful benefit when traveling abroad, and on the increasing numbers of crayfish venues at home.

Small tweaks to your hair rig can make a big difference to results. One of the lessons I’ve had hammered …Continue reading »

Britain’s biggest common carp

13 Oct

ONE of the UK’s largest carp ever has come out at 64 lb, making it the nation’s biggest known common. It has been predicted to go onto break the official British carp record.

Known as Tarka, the huge common carp came from RH Fisheries The Avenue syndicate in Shropshire. This is the former …Continue reading »