Autumn fishing tips to bag a personal best

27 Sep

AUTUMN fishing can be great – as temperatures drop and daylight hours dwindle, many summer species will be feeding hard in preparation for winter whilst the species like chub and pike are beginning to pile on the pounds too.

Check out these autumn fishing tips from ace angler Ben Hervey-Murray for catching a PB over the next couple of …Continue reading »

River carp venues – and tactics to try and catch one

20 Jul

RIVER carp can be hard to find, let alone catch. Ben Hervey-Murray reveals prime stretches of running water in every part of the country that hold river giants. The former Angler’s Mail Where To Fish editor has caught UK river carp to 32 lb 2 oz.

THE resurgence in carp fishing on wild, unstocked venues is great to see – the mystery of angling for unknown …Continue reading »

9 top tips to get the best from your carp fishing hair rig

1 Jun

ANGLER’S MAIL provides brilliant advice and tips. Here Colin Davidson, part of the magazine’s Carp Crew, looks closely at carp fishing hair rigs. The hair rig remains the biggest advancement carp angling has ever seen, but we’ve changed how we use it…

  1. When you’re floater fishing, the refusals or near misses you get tend to be split firmly into two …Continue reading »

Particle baits will spark the carp for you!

19 May

PARTICLE BAITS are often ignored in favour of boilies and pellets – but they can be devastating, if used correctly… which is explained carefully here.

Ready prepared particles provide confidence

Particle baits fan Keith Jones wrote this article for the Angler’s Mail website, looking at why and how they score …Continue reading »

21 essential night fishing tips

18 May

NIGHT fishing will often yield some cracking sport. This Angler’s Mail article, by Matt Sparkes, is full of advice to help you catch carp and other fish after dark.

Caught in the night
This little scrapper came within the first hours of darkness, after all the other anglers had gone home after a biteless day. Venues that see a lot of daytime angling pressure can often come alive at night. So consider the odd overnighter this summer and enjoy some exciting nocturnal fishing.
Special thanks to Arfleet Fishery – call Bruno on 01929 427421. Tickets available from Deano at Purbeck Angling on 01929 550770.

Night fishing is the key on venues which see heavy pressure during the daylight hours can see its inhabitants switch …Continue reading »