How to get a job in fishing – angling jobs explained

19 Jan

ANGLER’S MAIL editor Tim Knight discusses angling jobs and how to get a job in fishing. Share the blog with friends on Facebook and Twitter by clicking icons above, or simply by telling people!

Making bait for a living – just one of the many, many jobs in the UK angling industry.

  “I love fishing. My dream is to work in fishing – please can you tell me how I do …Continue reading »

Commercial fisheries’ best swims revealed!

14 Jun

COMMERCIAL fisheries are easy, right? Well, not always – and fish are not evenly spread. We’ll help you catch more with this quick guide.

Islands are another obvious hotspot, and presenting baits as close as possible will certainly produce plenty of bites. Islands are an excellent all-year-round feature.

Commercial fisheries are profiled, along with natiural waters, every week in the Angler’s Mail magazine’s mega Where To Fish This …Continue reading »