Predator crisis leads to calls from anglers for urgent action

17 Jul

IRATE anglers have been up in arms about the damage being done to our fishing by mass predation, and have called for urgent action before its too late.

FJC6FN Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Carbo) drying wings perched on a no fishing sign in Chichester harbour. Ironic image humorous caption contest material.

Author and river fishery owner John Bailey gave a powerful speech about predator issue to the Barbel Society annual show. …Continue reading »

Where to see tapestries in Paris

17 Jul

A tribute to tapestries – two Paris museums are offering fascinating expositions that highlight this beautiful art form. Musee de Cluny After being closed for four months, the Musee National Cluny reopens on July 14 and presents “Magiques Licornes.” The exposition examines the depiction of unicorns through the centuries, in manuscripts, sculpture, tapestries, photographs and […]

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Tiny fish bring big river hope

10 Jul

AROUND one million fish fry have been released into a noted coarse fishing river following the devastating fill kill back in March.

The Environment Agency believe a minimum of 100,000 prime fish died on  Lincolnshire’s River Witham …. but the figure could …Continue reading »