Etangs D’Or , Merceuil , Cote d’or , Bourgogne , Dept 21 . France

10 Feb
The Golden Ponds

The Étangs d’Or contains 12 bodies of water dedicated to fishing. The Communauté d’Agglomération Beaune Côte & Sud and SUEZ environnement offer users fishing conditions, comfort and safety. From a fishery point of view, the Fédération de Côte-d’Or for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment manages the different water bodies through its local AAPPMA La Truite Beaunoise. Fishing is permitted subject to possession of a fishing card .  Places for people with reduced mobility are also created to make this recreation and this site accessible to all anglers.

 Regulations  Attention: the use of boats initiators is strictly prohibited throughout the site.

On the site of the Etangs d’Or, fishermen must comply with the general regulations of the second category. They must be holders of the federal fishing card which authorizes fishing on several French départements. Fish management is transferred to AAPPMA La Truite Beaunoise “, which is responsible for monitoring . Officers ensure that the regulations are respected.

 Maps are on sale:

  On the spot, in Beaune:
– Gamm Vert – Impasse Jean Baptiste Gambut – Tel. – Tel. 03 80 24 13 89 03 80 24 13 89
 – Tradition Fishing and Hunting – 8 rue Belleneuve – Tel. 03 80 22 37 52 03 80 22 37 52
 Specific regulations:
 The Golden Ponds –  Côte-d’Or Fishing Federation 


As with all French water rules can change at any time so please check on site or local tackle shop for latest rules.

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