A spotlight on Atlantic mackerel

27 Apr

Summer is coming, I know it, the cherry blossoms are out and people seem to be cheering up as the hangover from winter recedes. The British summer is defined by Pimms, Wimbledon, BBQ’s and pints in pub gardens. For me, the fish of the British summer is mackerel. It becomes evident when they start being […]

Slicing chalke strip sashimi or a.k.a salmon sushi

9 Mar

The team were working on some salmon sashimi yesterday and we wanted to show you where the sashimi is sliced from on the salmon fillet and how it is trimmed and tidied up afterwards. We sell a whole range of sashimi but this is by far our most popular in the range. The belly section […]

UNI: SEA URCHIN ROE – ‘The velvet of the ocean’

23 Feb

Recently we received a new shipment of uni that was our best yet. I suppose you could say that we have caught ‘UNI fever’ here at Fish Palace. As we have been talking alot about uni in the past few days, I decided to do a quick blog to let you know some of the […]