8 introductory tips about our sashimi range

14 Feb

1. Bigger is betterLarger strips of sashimi are better to give you more flexibility when cutting to shape.  2. The top 3Sake – salmon, maguro – tuna & hamachi – yellowtail kingfish are the most popular sashimi fish we sell and serves as a great starting trio.  3. Back vs bellyOur two main sashimi cuts are back and belly. What’s the difference? The belly …

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Save Our Salmon success

16 Feb

CRITICAL salmon stocks have meant the Environment Agency taking drastic measures to curb the number of migratory fish being removed from English rivers.

FK6C4H Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) leaping on upstream migration, River Tyne, Hexham, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom

The measures include a complete ban on anglers taking salmon in those rivers considered most at risk. There are also …Continue reading »