Method feeder fishing top tips

3 Sep

METHOD feeder fishing has helped anglers of all ages and abilities can achieve massive catches of carp, and bream too, on commercial stillwaters.

It’s quite easy to avoid tangles with Method feeder rigs, as Paul explained.

With the introduction of flat-bed feeders and moulds it has never been easier. The Method feeder and mould creates a …Continue reading »

Method feeder mix for carp… on a budget!

12 Jul

METHOD FEEDER mixes for attracting and catching carp really don’t need to cost a fortune.

Don’t go mad with the size of the ball; make it too big and it will be like trying to cast out a pregnant pig! A well-shaped Method ball the size of a satsuma but more streamlined is about right. Make sure the ball is moulded centrally around the lead so that it casts true, and the line behind the Method ball exits the centre of the bait, or the line will slice through the bait as you cast it and it will fall off – probably onto your head.

Method feeder groundbaits are made of all sorts of ingredients these days, with so many specialist products around, but a …Continue reading »

Korum Easy Method Feeders

22 Mar

Angler’s Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here’s his lowdown on the Korum Easy Method Feeders…

FRUSTRATED that you don’t always get your Method or pellet mix right? Korum have made Method fishing easy with these …Continue reading »