Hair rig advice for better carp fishing results

13 Oct

HAIR RIG adjustment can lead to more consistent success with carp, as explained here by Colin Davidson, a regular columnist in Angler’s Mail magazine.

5 – Because the Extenda stops are drawn neatly back into the hook bait, there are only a couple of very small prongs exposed. The longer stems of the medium and large stops that pull down the hole through the bait make it very difficult for crayfish to remove the stop and pinch your bait – a useful benefit when traveling abroad, and on the increasing numbers of crayfish venues at home.

Small tweaks to your hair rig can make a big difference to results. One of the lessons I’ve had hammered …Continue reading »

Lift method float rig for tench – give it a try!

30 Aug

LIFT method float fishing for tench is one of the most effective ways of catching the species. Learn great rigs every week in Angler’s Mail magazine.

Locating tench can be easier than other species as those fizzing bubbles are a real giveaway.

To set up a lift method float rig properly make sure you plumb the depth accurately and then slide the …Continue reading »

Sharp hooks that give you an edge!

30 Jun

SHARP hooks are arguably the most important part of any angler’s tackle.

Ensure the hook is protruding only a few millimetres above the clamp and is parallel with the jaws. Using the medium (red) stone, hold it flush to the point, making steady strokes down the point following the natural angle of the hook and keeping the stone touching the clamp to guide you.

Sharp hooks fan Angler’s Mail columnist Colin Davidson tells you how to make your own hooks sharper, and the tools …Continue reading »

How to hook meat baits

17 Jun

ANGLER’S MAIL is No.1 for tips and tricks. Here we look at hooking meat baits, ensuring you will get perfect presentation every time.

USE meat baits with confidence. They might not be up there with the boilies and pellets in most angler’s preferences, …Continue reading »

Brilliant boilie rig for barbel fishing

15 Jun

BARBEL FISHING rigs have become complicated for some anglers – but we bring you one that’s easy to create and highly effective, especially when fishing with boilies.

Boilies, in all their varieties, are a brilliant barbel fishing bait and it pays to fish them on the simplest …Continue reading »