Is presidential hopeful François Fillon the French Thatcher?

22 Nov

The presidential primaries for France’s conservative opposition are still in the spotlight, with the press still focusing on François Fillon after his unexpected victory in round one on Sunday. Though he’s a familiar face in French politics, he’s always been in the background. Which begs the question: Who is François Fillon? Left-wing daily Libération makes its position clear with a fun front page photo: Fillon is the French Margaret Thatcher.

French papers dissect Macron’s presidential bid

16 Nov

FRENCH PAPERS – Weds. 16.11.16: Papers focus on former economy minister Emmanuel Macron, who is officially announcing his presidential bid. The 38-year-old is throwing his hat into a crowded ring, but his centrist “En Marche!” movement could be a threat to both the right and the left. The elections are due to take place in the spring of 2017 and incumbent François Hollande has still not announced if he will run. Right-wing paper Le Figaro says Macron has caught the left completely off guard.