Top tips for autumn bass fishing

27 Sep

BASS can offer some terrific sport in autumn. Here Angler’s Mail assistant editor / production Richard Holroyd, who loves his bass fishing, offers his top tips to help you catch some stunning bars of silver…

Many anglers target bass throughout July and August but come September and October the number of bass anglers dwindle. I …Continue reading »

5 things that get people hooked on fishing

27 Aug

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight (pictured below) looks at starting fishing and improving your fishing.

What a sunset! Tim with a 41 lb 4 oz mirror carp caught as the sun set on a great day in France.

Cast your mind back to how you started fishing – what or who drew you into it? And what or …Continue reading »

Summer fishing baits for lakes

11 Jun

Summer fishing baits choices are explored here by Jon Arthur of Drennan International (pictured). The triple UK Champion, passes on some useful tips and advice on bait and related items for summertime commercial fisheries.

Summer fishing baits and additives seem to create two different camps. Some top anglers I know are ultra confident, keep …Continue reading »