Are the French really bad drivers?

5 Jul

French people have the reputation of being pretty reckless behind the wheel, but how true is that stereotype? Despite regular traffic violations, the number of deaths on French roads has dropped in recent years thanks to tough government policies. Mea…

Do French women really not get fat?

5 Oct

Famous for being a leader in the fashion world, France is also trying to lead the way in combatting one of the industry’s darker sides: unrealistic body images that can lead to eating disorders. As it is, there’s a lot of pressure to be thin in France …

Vive l’apéro! Understanding French drinking culture

24 Aug

The French take pride in the notion that they savour the good things in life, and that also goes for the way they consume alcohol. For a lot of French residents, the best part of the day is the so-called “apéro”: the pre-dinner drinks which have become somewhat of a national institution. Although studies suggest that the French drink less than they used to, binge drinking has become a growing cause of concern.