Why French mayors are feeling the strain

12 Jul

With French municipal elections looming next year, France in Focus turns its attention to France’s mayoral system. There are 35,000 mayors who oversee and administer municipal matters across the country. But the reality faced by many of France’s mayor…

France gets up to speed with e-scooters

28 Jun

This week we’re focusing on France’s beef with electric scooters. These so-called free-floating vehicles first appeared on Parisian streets during the summer of 2018. Exactly a year on, the fleet has grown exponentially, just like the number of users….

Breaking point: The crisis in France’s hospitals

14 Jun

This week we’re focusing on the French healthcare system. It’s rated as one of the best in the world, but it’s facing an unprecedented crisis. For the past three months, in emergency rooms around the country, doctors and nurses have been on strike. Th…

The climate change effect: Mont Blanc on meltdown

7 Jun

This week, France in Focus comes to you from Mont Blanc, in the French Alps. At 4,810 metres, it’s the highest mountain in all of Europe. But this peak is a victim of its own success. With that in mind, the local authorities are taking steps to make s…

Fatphobia: France’s systemic prejudice

24 May

This week we’re putting the focus on France’s attitude to weight, and more specifically at the curvier end of the scales. While the French cliché of an effortlessly trim population obviously doesn’t hold true, the country does seem to harbour a deep-r…

European elections: France gets ready for key vote

10 May

Like all EU countries, France participates in the European elections, with the French sending 79 MEPs to the European Parliament. France has historically been one of the driving forces behind European cooperation. Despite France’s strong role in the b…

Plastic surgery in France: Nip, tuck… deny

3 May

This week, we’re at a Parisian clinic to put the French approach to cosmetic surgery under the knife. With 517,000 procedures a year, the country ranks in 10th place, far behind the US, Brazil and Japan, the world’s largest cosmetic surgery consumers….

France puts food quality on the table

12 Apr

The French have a reputation for gastronomy, but where do they stand on food quality? After a number of scandals, awareness is growing of issues such as traceability or harmful additives, and the country’s powerful food lobbies are now up against incr…

Just how happy are the French?

4 Aug

This week, we’re asking the question, just how happy are the French people? They have a reputation for being a little bit grumpy, and on the world happiness report, the French don’t feature very high in the rankings. But we’ll see that a whole industry…