5 things that get people hooked on fishing

27 Aug

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight (pictured below) looks at starting fishing and improving your fishing.

What a sunset! Tim with a 41 lb 4 oz mirror carp caught as the sun set on a great day in France.

Cast your mind back to how you started fishing – what or who drew you into it? And what or …Continue reading »

Sunny days fishing tips

26 Jun

SUNNY days need not be rubbish for fishing, if you follow this advice from coarse fishing all-rounder Colin Mitchell…

Sunset is a banker feeding time, and suits guys like me who struggle to get up for the very crack of dawn!

DON’T you just love the sun? A nice bright, sunny day, not a cloud in the sky… Perfect for sunbathing …Continue reading »

Mullet and how to catch the thin-lipped variety

9 May

MULLET are often referred to as the English bonefish – hook one and you’ll soon see why. This article from Angler’s Mail helps you target them…

9. Get the formula right and you can expect bumper hauls of thin-lipped mullet. It can be arm-aching stuff, but definitely worth it!
Treat your catches with care. These handsome marine fish can thrash around on the bank, and a few shed scales are inevitable. Calm them down by covering their head with a damp towel and nurse them carefully in the water before releasing them. Don’t bother taking mullet home for the table – they have a muddy taste and it’s far more rewarding seeing them swim away to join their shoal mates.

MULLET, an estuary-loving fish, fight like crazy on light gear and are definitely proud contenders for the hardest fighting sea …Continue reading »