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15 Sep

Early Carp quarry blog

The early Carp fishing days


I started carp fishing in the 1970s inspired by fishermen like Chris Yates , Richard Walker , Fred Buller and John Wilson reading about them catching big carp from carp fishing lakes like Redmire where we used carp fishing tackle like Abu Garcia , Mitchell , Daiwa , Optonic and Hardy. Angling has come a long way now with most big fish being caught on boilies and not just a bit of bread flake, meat or corn. Fishing tackle has also come a long way, now we use things like Shimano bait runners and Daiwa big pit reels and fishing rods from Greys,Fox, Shimano,Nash, we also use things like baitboats from guys like Viper , Microcat and waverunner with bite indication by Fox Micron and Delkim. End tackle from Korda and the home comforts like bivvies, beds and chairs from JSB, Chub and Wychwood All these items have helped in getting large carp on the bank.


Birth of French Carping


From the 1980s the bigger carp came from France and French carp fishing started to take off and the carp fishing holiday in France was born with the bigger fish being caught on French lakes. Angling holidays in France are now very popular with most anglers wanting to go on a carp fishing holiday every year to France. I myself have been on a few after the monster carp.


My love of Fishing


With my interest in fishing I also sold carp fishing tackle on Ebay together with vintage fishing tackle and fishing books including many carp fishing books. I have met a lot of carp anglers over the years and have picked up a lot of fishing tips.


Carping Heros


These days all the new carp fishing heroes like Matt Hayes , Jim Shelley , Ian Chillcott , Kevin Nash , Terry Herne,Dave Lane and Danny Fairbrass tend to have their own tackle lines and some have their own carp lake in France like Nash resorts.


The Carp just keep on growing


These days the carp are just getting bigger and bigger, back in the 1970s it was rare for anybody to catch a 30lb plus fish but now most good Carp lakes in the UK have at least one in and the UK record will just go up and up, now in France I think there will be a 100lb Carp caught in the next couple of years. The main two things that have done this is, first of all the water quality is getting better and better and also the baits that we use and feed the fish we have to thank the bait boys for this, people like Mainline with there range like cell, CC Moore, Ocean Fresh and Dynamite Baits. This is good news as you will always have a chance of upping your PB.


The birth of Carp Quarry


Anyway after watching the TV programme where Kevin set up Clearwaterlakes and going on a few carp fishing holidays in France where I have to say without too much joy I decided to open my own carp fishing lake in France called Carpquarry in Brittany France where we have tried to set up a French carp fishing lake where you stand a good chance of catching a few large lumps as I think most carp fishermen want to go home from there holiday with a big carp of 30lb+ under their belt. We have set up a great fishery where you stand a good chance of catching the fish of your dreams. If you are thinking of coming to Carp quarry it is one of the most stunning exclusive carp fishing holiday venues in France where you should catch some big Fat carp. Keep an eye on the website for the latest updated and catch reports there will also be a few videos from Youtube.

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