Giant perch, UK’s oldest angler, 2017 World Champs, record fish & lots more exclusively in Angler’s Mail print magazine

19 Sep

STEVE COLLETT (pictured on this week’s Angler’s Mail cover) avoided the crowds at a giant reservoir to work out for himself where he would find a big perch and trick it into taking his lure. And his plan paid off with this huge fish!

You can read all about Steve’s super session, and get bang up to date with everything in the wonderful world …Continue reading »

Method feeder fishing top tips

3 Sep

METHOD feeder fishing has helped anglers of all ages and abilities can achieve massive catches of carp, and bream too, on commercial stillwaters.

It’s quite easy to avoid tangles with Method feeder rigs, as Paul explained.

With the introduction of flat-bed feeders and moulds it has never been easier. The Method feeder and mould creates a …Continue reading »

Mud tyres, all-terrain tyres or plus-sized tyres: what is best for off-roading?

30 Aug

IF YOU belong to those strong men who turn off the road to give their tyres a dirty job while getting to your fishing venue, you must have considered buying mud tyres to make your off-road adventures cooler and safer. If you have, you are spot on!

Angler’s Mail understands that ‘mudders’ are really glorious when it comes to slogging through the sticky substance to get to …Continue reading »