My centenary: Five years on the frontlines of the Great War

10 Nov

For five years, Stéphanie Trouillard has covered WWI centenary commemorations for FRANCE 24. In more than 160 articles, she sought to untangle a conflict that shook the world, setting off in search of her own family’s wartime story in the process.

PrEP pill to prevent HIV remains little known in France

11 Jul

The AIDS Association of France has launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of PrEP, an antiviral drug that protects against HIV. Although little known in France, the medication has proven effective in countries like the US and UK.

Sergeant Stubby: The dog that fought to liberate France in WWI

24 Apr

Sergeant Stubby took part in 17 battles, saved his regiment from mustard gas attacks and caught a German spy during World War I. By any standards, Stubby is a hero. But what makes his story all the more extraordinary, is that he was a dog.


French village finds messages from WWI-era US soldiers

11 Mar

A resident of the small French village of Charmoy discovered mysterious messages written in English on the walls of his house. After years of research, he discovered that the messages were written by US soldiers 100 years ago during World War I.