Fish in focus: Octopus

17 May

Octopus vulgaris Much could be said for the first man or woman who pulled an octopus out of the sea, gazed upon its large head and long arms and thought, “I wonder if this would taste better boiled or fried?” Although ‘common’ octopus (as this species is known) is found virtually worldwide, the very best …

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Fish in focus: Turbot

25 Apr

Scophthalmus Maximus If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a good look at the fresh fish counter in your local supermarket, one would assume that you had a reasonable knowledge of fish that are available in the UK. But how often have you seen a fresh turbot resting on the ice? Or …

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20 Apr

If you’ve ever bought fish from The Fish Society there’s a good chance it has gone past the watchful eyes of Lorna. Lorna is one of our longest standing members of staff, being with us for a dedicated 5 years. A well-versed fish worker now, Lorna almost ended up a baker working next door! Alistair …

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