Like my new john dory?

2 Oct

You’d be impressed by my collection of objects de poisson. I have a tin whistle decorated with piranha dentures (I don’t use it in public) and a pair of dried cod lights (available on our site at just £700), many other weirds and a few wonderfuls. My latest acquisition is definitely a wonderful. This John …

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Sashimi grade – super frozen – fresh vs frozen – nigiri, maguro, ebi….confused?

12 Sep

The wonderful world of raw fish The world of sushi and sashimi can be confusing. We’re going to try and simplify it a little bit by looking at some of the buzzwords, trends & cuts. Sashimi grade – Contrary to what many people believe there is no unified body that identifies and grades sashimi grade vs …

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Monkfish liver: Ankimo

23 Aug

Monkfish liver for dinner, how does that make you feel? A little quesie? Well to many it produces the opposite feeling – a hunger in the belly and a watering mouth. To our knowledge the most common way of cooking monkfish liver is by a traditional Japanese method. The dish is called ‘Ankimo’. They prepare …

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Our new website

10 Aug

As you may or may not know we have been working on updating our website over the last 6 months. We are pleased to say we have launched and gone live. It is a sleaker, neater version of the old website. There are a few things that you need to know. Returning customers need to …

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