NEW: Wild Canadian Silverbright Salmon

18 Oct

Yesterday we were presented with the rare opportunity to buy fresh whole wild Canadian salmon. We took it! These were mighty fish, each weighing 6KG. There are three main species of salmon in the Northern American region. The king, silverbright (chum) and sockeye. Our salmon are the silver-bright or keta salmon. They have a lower […]

A trip to Billingsgate fish market

11 Oct

It was 2.10am when I saw Liam’s car head lights illuminate my road as he drove towards me. We were meeting at my place before heading up in convoy with Alistair and Arc to go and have a nose around Billingsgate fish market. Nowadays, it has become rare that we would go to Billingsgate to […]

Tandoori monkfish

25 Sep

Ingredients 1 XL monkfish fillet Garlic paste Green chilli Dried turmeric Lemon juice Olive oil Salt & Pepper Salt and pepper Kashmiri chilli powder Yoghurt Garam masala Coriander Method Marinate the fillet in a tbsp of garlic paste, chopped green chilli, 1 tsp of dried turmeric, 1 tsp of garam masala, 2 tbsp of lemon […]

Venus clams

20 Sep

Silky white venus clams through the door this morning from Holland. They are great in pasta with a little olive oil, onion and garlic. There is a recipe on our venus clams page – have a look –

Canoe cutting a sea bass

19 Sep

In this video, one of our talented filters performs a canoe cut on a European Atlantic sea bass. We have only just started selling this ‘ready 2 stuff’ fish. All but the pin bones have been removed from the bass making it easy for you in your home. The skill is shown by not cutting […]

A guide to great British seafood part 2

15 Sep

Gurnard Over the years gurnard hasn’t been a star of the show, partly because of its obscure winged appearance. Trawler-men would throw them back and lobster fisherman would use them for bait. In recent years it’s humble reputation has changed as top chefs such as Nathan Outlaw are promoting modern gurnard recipes. In other countries […]

Stone Bass is on the rise

6 Sep

About a year ago we started to see stone bass emerging on seafood merchant’s price lists and restaurant menus. We were mildly curious in this new fish but didn’t immediately enquire further. A month or two later we were talking about sea bass and the merits of the farmed fish coming from Greece and Turkey. […]