Restoring Notre-Dame: Tough decisions ahead

17 Apr

French President Emmanuel Macron set an ambitious five-year timeline for the reconstruction of Paris’s famed Notre-Dame Cathedral. But architects and experts disagree about the feasibility of this plan.

What will France do with ‘National Debate’ data?

3 Mar

In an attempt to calm Yellow Vest protests and inform future policy, French President Macron launched a “Great National Debate”, a combination of in-person exchanges and online surveys. But what will happen to the mountain of data it has produced?

Mystery seaweed threatens French Caribbean

29 Sep

During a trip to the French overseas territory Guadeloupe on Friday, President Emmanuel Macron pledged to keep a promise to clean up toxic Sargassum seaweed within 48 hours of it running aground.

Controversial Paris public urinal vandalised

27 Aug

A public urinal installed on the posh banks of the Île Saint-Louis in Paris has been vandalised and stuffed with feminine hygiene products. Police suspect feminist protest group Femen. The group denies any involvement.