Divorcing the UK: Brexit becomes reality

31 Jan

In 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. Since then, Brexit has been a dominant news story across Europe, notably in neighbouring France. In this edition, we look at what Brexit means for British and French people living in each other’s countries. We fi…

1,863 river pollutions… but 0 prosecutions

31 Jan

ANGLERS are furious after figures revealed that the Environment Agency hasn’t yet prosecuted a single water firm for river pollutions in 2018.

Pollutions have been affecting rivers all over the country – but prosecutions have not been happening.

Official figures show that there were 1,863 unlawful pollution incidents by water companies in rivers in England in those 12 …Continue reading »

French PM Philippe to run for mayor in Le Havre

31 Jan

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Friday that he would stand in local elections in the northern port city of Le Havre, while adding he would still seek to remain as PM if President Emmanuel Macron continued to back him.