5 Marvellous Markets Near Calais

28 Feb

The markets of France are known the world over for their fabulous, fresh produce and lively atmosphere. Buying your vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread and other food stuffs from a market adds another level to the whole shopping experience and is a great way to really feel the culture of France. French gastronomy is UNESCO listed […]

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Do Scandals Matter? Fillon, Le Pen cry ‘witch-hunt” over corruption probes (part 1)

27 Feb

When the French start picking a president in less than two months, there could be not one but two major party candidates under formal investigation. But as we’ve seen in the United States, legal troubles doesn’t mean that far-right leader Marine Le Pen of Les Républicains candidate François Fillon can’t get elected. Both blame the media and brand the judiciary as biased. What are the consequences of what’s been said so far and what’s still to come?

Bahamas – Crooked & Acklin´s bonefish

27 Feb

In the beginning of December 2016 I was fortunate enough to stay at the Crooked Island Trophy Lodge for five days and fish the beautiful flats, creeks and channels of Crooked & Acklins islands. I was together with a group of fly anglers from Canada and France, and once again I was amazed of how easy […]


Oingt a gem of the Beaujolais area and day trip from Lyon

27 Feb

Following the Route des vins du Beaujolais, I could not stop admiring the landscapes and view of the countryside. Then I reached a tiny village situated high on a hill in the middle of what is called the Pierres Dorées, or Golden Stones. I fell in love with this place called Oingt at first sight. […]

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