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We have put together a few facts and different types of information that you may find helpful on your fishing holiday in France.

Bank Cards

Most shops will take British bank cards without any problems, just put pin number/code confidentiale in as you would in UK, also you will be able to draw money out (in euros) from any cash point as you would in UK. Shops will not accept English cheques.

A few useful French words

Fishing/Peche. Lake/Etang, Lac or Plan D’eau. Carp/Carpe. Pike/Brochet. Trout/Truite. Perch/Perche. Tench/Tanche.
Roach/Gardon. Bream/Breme. Zander/Sandre. Eel/Anguille. Rudd/Rotengle. Nombre de cannes autorise/ number of rods allowed.
If someone at the lake is saying good luck they will say/ Bonne chance or Bon Courage.


You will find in France that a lot of restaurants now offer free wifi like McDonalds etc and you will never be too far away from one so go get some lunch and check your emails or log on to
If you are staying at a B&B or Hotel most of the time they will have Internet access to upload your catch / fish photos to facebook.

Petrol Stations

Most petrol stations at supermarkets tend to be the cheapest for fuel, Diesel is called Gazole and has a yellow pump, normal unleaded petrol is the green pump 95,  higher number is super unleaded 98 and more expensive. Most of the supermarket fuel stations give 24hour service but unlike the UK service points night service is payment by card only.

Guide on how to use the pump:

Insert your card into the petrol pump display slot, it will then ask you on the display to pick type of fuel ie 1 for petrol 95, 2 for petrol 98 or 3 for Diesel then on keypad on pump put in number and press v for validate ie 3 V for Diesel, It will then ask for your pin number ( code confidentiale ) so put in your pin and press v to validate, It will then ask you if you want a receipt press A for no or v for yes ( oui ) After this it will then tell you to remove your card from the pump and that you can have up to 98 euros. At this point you can then lift out pump and fill your car, when you have finished put pump back in and wait for receipt if you selected that option, if not drive off, Job Done. Different pumps at different supermarkets may vary slightly but operate on the same basis.

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