River L’Hyeres

7 Nov

River L’Hyeres

The Hyères rises between the towns of Callac and Chapelle Neuve. After a journey of 25 km, it enters the Finistère downstream Carnoët channeled away Alder (The canal from Nantes to Brest) downstream from Carhaix.
There is easy river access from the D 787 from Callac to Carhaix. The River Hyères is perfect for the fly fishing.

Trout are good size and density. The months of May and June are the months undoubtedly preferred to practice in this sector, especially in the fly.
Fisheries toc and spoon are very easy and very productive, and it is not uncommon to reach more than twenty fish on an afternoon.

The Hyères is a destination for lovers of trout. Detailed mapping of the river can be obtained from the Fishing tackle shop in Callac.

The minimum size for Trout to be taken is 23cm also if Pike are landed they are to be removed from the water regardless of size.

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Please note – When fishing any Public water in France please have respect for the location and clear up any mess that you have made and do not damage banks / vegetation and no open fires, Catch and release all fish except Trout and Salmon that rules let you take and when fishing for Carp use appropriate tackle with large landing net and unhooking mat. Fish stealing is a big problem from Public waters if you see anybody removing large fish like Carp please take note of the vehicle registration and report to authorities.

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