Plan d’eau de Montbel, Aude, Dept 11 & Ariege Dept 9

7 Nov

Plan d’eau de Moontbel at Aude is a huge lake of 570 hectares it is a cat 2 lake where there are areas for night fishing for carp and you can use up to 4 rods. As with most French waters there is a good head of most types of fish with some very large carp, Pike and Zander to be had. This is a vast water that has banks in different Departments 11 & 9.

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Please note – When fishing any Public waters in France please have respect for the location and clear up any mess that you have made and do not damage banks / vegetation and no open fires, Catch and release all fish except Trout and Salmon that rules let you take and when fishing for Carp use appropriate fishing tackle with large landing net and unhooking mat. Fish stealing is a big problem from Public waters if you see anybody removing large fish like Carp please take note of the vehicle registration and report to authorities.

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