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      New World is a massively multiplayer fantasy sandbox from Amazon Game Studios. The developers have thought out everything for gamers to the smallest detail, the world in the game, although virtual, is very lively and dynamic.<br> Playground review<br>Each player, after registering in the game, can choose their own career, for example, what to do, which character to choose, how to create the economic stability of the city, whom to make friends, and who to fight against. The world of the New World game is full of terrible enemies, the player will have to fight with ordinary animals or unreal creatures. Fighting enemy characters is real yourself, you can also join the company of like-minded people New world map<br> The events take place in America (the northern part of it) of the 17th century, at this time colonization was adopted. From the very beginning, the game will consume every gamer with incredible medieval fantasy along with classic settings. Developers have well thought out a realistic change of seasons, the daily cycle is developing dynamically. Please note that at different times of the day you will have to oppose different enemies. <br> Sieges in the New World game are one of the most important missions. Forts of enemy clans are common, because gamers on servers are at least 500 people, so attacks and robberies take place systematically. After the colonists are destroyed, the winners take all the loot in their inventory, but the clothes on the characters of the game will remain. <br>In technical terms, the game is developed on the Lumberyard engine, and special Amazon cloud technology is responsible for the capabilities of the servers. Manufacturers claim that this technology allows you to scale the game in such a size that every gamer feels in the game as in the real world. If you want to conquer the entire island, it is important to know that at least half a thousand players can stay on it, so it is advisable to attack only in company powerful and pumped players. The resource contains detailed information about the inventory for pumping.<br>New World Sieges <br> Fighting the war against the enemy should be on behalf of the entire faction. It includes companies that have declared their sympathy for this faction. Starting a war on the territory of another faction and carrying out a siege is not so easy, first you need to undermine this area to such an indicator that it becomes vulnerable enough. Only then can the beginning of hostilities be declared. And in order to undermine the territory, it is important to fulfill special conditions: to complete a certain number of faction missions. <br>The player can join the siege at any level. After the destruction of the territory has reached its climax, each company from the faction considered subversive has the right to declare war on this Usually the company that proclaimed about war is called the Vanguard. At this point, a so-called lottery will be held to decide who will lead the battle. Here it is important to know that there are more chances to get a role The more active and pumped companies will have the vanguard. When the territory is in a state of conflict, not all factions have the right to declare war. More detailed and interesting information can be obtained on the official game resource<br>Siege Weapons <br> In the Armory military camp there are special tokens that the attacking user can use to siege, often on their own territory. Tokens go to those who take part in hostilities.<br> However, don’t think that the fort is so easy to surrender, players have the right to build special equipment along the walls. This will help it fight back. It is necessary to develop the capabilities of the siege weapon through the system before the war begins. In peacetime, players are given so-called quests, so they should be systematically completed.<br>You can use multiple entrances to enter the fort. Therefore, it is important for the defending players to divide resources and attention to several objects. Defenders they have so-called siege supplies in their arsenal, they are generated during the war with the help of special generators. and siege weapons. <br> The site is designed for those who really want to be successful in the game.<br>

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