Second Wind

19 Jul

It was the barely-there breeze one evening that told me a break in the relentless heat was finally on the way. By the next morning the wind had really whipped up and it was a relief to feel cooler air at last. I hoped it may have the same rejuvenating effect on the Wye’s barbel … Continue reading “Second Wind”

Spring Carp – Rain or Shine

26 May

As another Great British Summer (TM) slowly but surely lumbers into our collective consciousness, its traditions, old and new, shape those precious few weeks when everything feels different. Seaside. Silly Season. Fish & Chips. Camping. Cricket. Mr Whippy. BBQs. Brexit. Wasps. Lager. Pub Gardens. Headlines. Headaches. Nostalgia. Knees. Festivals. FA Cup Final. Music. Mud. Sweltering … Continue reading “Spring Carp – Rain or Shine”

ATTs : Bite Alarm System

5 May

Advanced Technology Tackle : Bite Alarm System A few weeks ago I got a set of alarms from the guys at ATT. I’d been in the market for a new set for a while, and talking to several of my … Continue reading

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Holidays in France: More than Fishing !

14 Feb

Holidays in France: More than Fishing ! by Steve Howard For me, fishing is much more than simply casting a line to catch a fish, it’s much, much more than that. In fact, if that was all that angling had … Continue reading

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