Marker floats and techniques – your essential guide

4 Aug

MARKER FLOATS are often misunderstood… and you may be wondering how to find those key underwater features in your local venue? Or maybe you’re not quite understanding why you catch or see fish in some parts of a swim but not others? You need help – and, right here, Angler’s Mail columnist Colin Davidson explains.

Marker floats help us understand and interpret the nature of lakes beneath the surface, and can help us locate areas …Continue reading »

Sharp hooks that give you an edge!

30 Jun

SHARP hooks are arguably the most important part of any angler’s tackle.

Ensure the hook is protruding only a few millimetres above the clamp and is parallel with the jaws. Using the medium (red) stone, hold it flush to the point, making steady strokes down the point following the natural angle of the hook and keeping the stone touching the clamp to guide you.

Sharp hooks fan Angler’s Mail columnist Colin Davidson tells you how to make your own hooks sharper, and the tools …Continue reading »

Brilliant bread tactics for carp

18 May

BREAD, the good old white loaf, has been one of Angler’s Mail columnist Colin Davidson’s favourite alternative bait approaches and has caught him some lovely carp. Here he reveals more to help you.

7. Push a Thinking Angler’s stick needle through your bread bomb, hook it into the figure of eight loop on the link and draw it back through the bag. Take care when you push the needle through not to poke it straight through the centre so it exits by the knot of PVA. When the link is drawn back and the hook pulled into the mesh it should sit at the edge of the bag to prevent any chance of the hook being masked by the blob of PVA residue.

  Having been amazed at how quickly the carp world homed in on, but just as quickly forgot, bread bags …Continue reading »