Review: Kodex luggage for big fish anglers

25 Jul

Angler’s Mail tackle editor Richard Howard focusses on the extensive Kodex Karp-Lokker luggage range – an array of products designed for discerning carpers and specialist anglers. These items are packed with features, and you’ll find everything that you’ll need for carrying your tackle, from holdalls to wallets and cases, and they are all compatible, helping you to maximise storage space.

Karp-Lokker HR3 Padded Rod Holdall and HR1 Padded Sleeve Description: holdall and sleeve for carrying made-up rods. Padded Rod Holdall …Continue reading »

Carp Quarry, Saint Servais, Callac, Dept 22

8 Nov

Carp Quarry is a very old deep granite quarry which closed in 1938 and now fills from underground springs. This 3 acre lake truly is one of the most unusual stunning fishing venues in France. To the far side of … Read More »