Catching up

2 Feb

I have been lucky enough to spend some time on the river, in search of chub. And I have been rewarded, I must admit.

Tiny barbel in mid-water

16 Sep

I went back for a couple more chub but they didn’t play ball. Instead, tiny barbel were feeding in mid-water. The strangest long trotting session ever. Advertisements

Trotting for summer chub

11 Sep

That is something I haven’t done for years, mainly due to that cursed freshwater goby invasion. It spent a lovely couple of hours, after work, on the bank of a big river, trotting with bread for chub. Unfortunatelly I lost … Continue reading

Surprise pike

27 Aug

What an horrible spring – summer fishing season. Lack of time has been my biggest enemy (fished 5 times in almost 6 months) but the conditions were pretty bad too (stormy spring and very hot summer). But that is hopefully … Continue reading

Addicted to chub

15 Mar

Chub has definitely been my favorite species for years now.
Although I rarely target that species during summer, I really enjoy catching chub in the cold. I am addicted.