The Muslim headscarf: France’s Republican dilemma

8 Nov

This week, we’re putting the focus on a recurrent and touchy issue that has once again made headlines in France: the Muslim headscarf. The debate about the Muslim headscarf returned to the spotlight after footage spread online of a far-right official …

Agribashing: French farmers under attack

4 Oct

While France remains Europe’s leading agrarian nation with 30 million hectares of arable land, growing awareness regarding pesticides, animal welfare and the environmental impact of farming has led to a serious disconnect between the French and their …

Wind of change: France turns to turbines

30 Aug

In 2015, France launched an ambitious project that aims to see the country weaned off its longstanding dependence on nuclear power. The goal is to reach a more balanced energy mix, set to include 40% of renewable energy by 2030. Wind energy will play …

France gets up to speed with e-scooters

28 Jun

This week we’re focusing on France’s beef with electric scooters. These so-called free-floating vehicles first appeared on Parisian streets during the summer of 2018. Exactly a year on, the fleet has grown exponentially, just like the number of users….

Fatphobia: France’s systemic prejudice

24 May

This week we’re putting the focus on France’s attitude to weight, and more specifically at the curvier end of the scales. While the French cliché of an effortlessly trim population obviously doesn’t hold true, the country does seem to harbour a deep-r…

Plastic surgery in France: Nip, tuck… deny

3 May

This week, we’re at a Parisian clinic to put the French approach to cosmetic surgery under the knife. With 517,000 procedures a year, the country ranks in 10th place, far behind the US, Brazil and Japan, the world’s largest cosmetic surgery consumers….