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You are probably aware that there are more than 6 million fishermen or anglers in the UK with numbers growing every year.

Fishing holidays are becoming more popular with 1000’s and 1000’s of anglers now taking fishing trips across the English Channel in the search of bigger fish that France has to offer.

They are now also wanting to fish the Public waters of France that hold un-caught monsters with quiet banks that are free to fish with a carte de peche.

Many anglers now have an annual fishing holiday with quite a few crossing the channel 3 or 4 times a year. They are also quite happy to go fishing all year round.

With this information in mind you can rest assured that your advertisement will be seen by anglers throughout the year with the website being promoted to major search engines to attract enthusiasts from Europe and other parts of the World.

Our website can also be translated into most international languages at the click of a button, thereby making the site very user friendly and probably unique in its market sector..

Many enthusiasts look for the complete tourism package including scenic and gastronomic experiences and seek comfortable accommodation across a wide range of price brackets, from camping to fine hotels.

At we offer advertisers outstanding value.

A featured advertisement including photographs , your website and contact information can be obtained for as little as 99 Euros for a 12 month period or 60 Euros for six months.

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