Feb 15, Port Side Chicken

15 Feb

Ingredients * 1 kg. boneless chicken diced in medium sized cubes DRESSING: * worcestershire sauce * Port Wine or any other semi dry wine would do


Feb 10, Learn French in France

10 Feb

Learn French in France, combine a french holiday with your course in learning french in a language school. One of our many activity holidays on offer.


Feb 2, Seared White Sturgeon

2 Feb

Seared White Sturgeon with Caviar Beurre Blanc by Petrossian is truly a taste of luxury, using some of the oceans most famous foods


Feb 1, Tartiflette Savoyarde

1 Feb

This is a traditional alpine recipe, especially delicious in the lodge after a day of skiing or snowshoeing. Ingredients * 1 kg potatoes * 1